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High-Performance N

Powerful Performance Makes It Fun to Drive

The high-performance N signifies Hyundai Motor Group’s craving for enhancing the performance of all its vehicle lineups. Based on technology from racing cars such as WRC rally cars, Hyundai Motor Group aims to develop high-performance cars that are fun to drive. With all its prowess, reliable braking power, and handling performance that faithfully follows the driver’s intentions, the high-performance N is full of enjoyment that is not offered on a base model. Here’s the story behind the lineup of high-performance N that challenges the limits of technology and delivers a special driving experience with more powerful performance.

FUTURESpecialized Performance and Expanded Lineups
Bring the Thrill on the Circuit to Everyday Life

‘N 2025’ in the racing game Gran Turismo: The virtual model in the game works as the blueprint of N’s philosophy ‘Fun to drive’ and also proposes the future of FCEVs.

The ultimate purpose of the high-performance N is to bring fun to everyday driving as if you are driving on a circuit.

Hyundai Motor Group is working hard to develop a high-performance car that is more capable and enjoyable than base models. And to make it happen, the Group continuously participates in motorsports such as WRC, WTCR, and Nürburgring 24h, to apply their technical skills and know-how for the base model, and to propose the high-performance car.

As a result, Veloster N, which was introduced in 2018, drew countless attention from the media for its outstanding performance and was named the 2020 Performance Car of the Year by the U.S. automotive magazine Road and Track.

Hyundai Motor Group is expanding its high-performance car portfolio. including the i30 N, Veloster N, i30 Fastback N, i10 N Line, i30 N Line, Sonata N Line, Kona N Line, Tucson N Line, and the All-New Avante(Elantra) N Line showcased. The N Line and N performance parts will provide an enjoyable driving experience for customers with much more choices available.

The N brand portfolio generally comprises Motorsports, Halo cars, High performance N, N Line, and Base models. Motorsports is the origin and the cradle of High-performance N. The Halo cars, also known as RM series, could be considered the technological bridge between the N model and Motorsport, a high-performance lab on a circuit. Starting from Veloster N and i30 N, followed by the launch of the i20 N, Avante N(Elantra N), and Kona N, the high-performance N models are to expand the lineups and segments. The N Line, which technically is the Base model with sportier look and feel, and the N performance parts that can be tuned to suit the customer’s taste, will indeed offer more options for its customers.

1. Corner Rascal
Agile Cornering

N Corner Carving Differential : eLSD

In front-wheel drive vehicles, driving a corner directs the driving force of the vehicle to the inner wheel where the grip is weak, resulting in a loss of power called understeer*. The N Corner Carving Differential functions to optimally direct the driving force to both the inner and the outer wheels. The mechanism indeed maximizes cornering ability and minimizes the chance to slip on rainy or snowy roads. 

*understeering occurs where the car turns more sharply than is intended by the steering

N Power Sense Axle

Drivers in high-performance vehicles should be able to recognize the grip of the tire or the car’s performance through the steering wheel. N’s Power Sense axle geometry features a zero-scrub radius for more precise steering, quicker response, and a direct on-center feel, with increased steering linearity. The geometry is further optimized for linear torque build-up and corner-exit precision.

High-Performance Tires

The tires made by Pirelli, the prestigious tire manufacturer, with the 19-inch lightweight wheel to ensure stable grip and stability in dynamic driving conditions is notable.

2. Everyday Sports Car
Two For One: Racetrack Experience In Everyday Life

N Grin Control System

N offers a wide range of driver tuning preferences via its N Grin Control System drive mode selection system. Modes include Eco, Normal, Sport, N, and Custom, differentiating driving character preferences from stable city cruise to thrilling racetrack drive. The driver can change settings through the dashboard cluster and AVN screen.


Drivers can adjust the powertrain and chassis settings.

Performance Timer(Lap/Test Timer)

Displays lap time measured in cluster and list-up the acceleration time to 100km/h.


Displays real time/history G-force in telegraphic style.

*Lateral acceleration is equal to the velocity squared, divided by the radius of the circle. The higher the lateral acceleration, the more force the vehicle can absorb, which in turn means there is more cornering power available to the driver.


Displays real-time Turbo boost, torque, and power.

Electronic Control Suspension, ECS

Tires should grip strong but not so much during everyday driving: the damping force of the shock absorber on each wheel is controlled according to changing road surfaces to ensure distinct performance in all driving conditions, both on race track and during everyday driving.

Variable Exhaust Valve

Dynamic exhaust sounds excite drivers as much as the sheer performance. N’s shaped exhaust pipes and electronic variable valves give you a choice of quiet driving or sporty engine sound for different driving conditions; an electric sound generator, variable muffler control for the perfect ‘after burn’ sound.

3. Race Track Capability
Special Features for Sports Driving


When downshifting, rev-matching pre-adjusts the engine’s rotation to the rotation speed of the drive shaft, thereby reducing the shock from the gearshift and helping to maintain body stability. With the rev-matching function onboard the car, the racer no longer has the need for the otherwise essential heel-and-toe* technique, thus reducing the physical burden on himself or herself.

*heel-and-toe: a racing technique used in downshifting whereby the driver uses his right toe to apply the brakes while simultaneously applying the heel on the accelerator pedal.

Launch Control

Reaching 100km/h fast would be one of the best things that could happen to speed lovers. The Launch Control System gives drivers maximum traction for the fastest possible start, allowing them to launch their vehicle like a race car. It used to be a delicate technique for professional drivers since the engine RPM and tire slip must be harmonized, but with N you can just disengage the clutch with full acceleration.

HISTORYHistory of High-Performance N 

2014• Debuted at WRC
2015• High-performance brand N announced at Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany
• 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept revealed
2016• RM 16 Concept revealed
• Finished Nurburgring 24h with prototype model with N-dedicated 2.0T test engine
2017• The first N brand model i30 N released
2018• Veloster N released
• I30 Fastback N released
• N Line unveiled
2019• Winner of the WRC manufacturers’ title 2019 after participating for six years
• Tucson N Line unveiled
2020• Lineup expansion: The All New Avante N Line, Kona N Line, etc.
• Veloster N ETCR unveiled
• Sonata N Line released
2021• Kona N released
• Veloster N ETCR competes at the opening match of PURE Electric Touring Car Racing (ETCR)
• Hydrogen fuel cell generators offered to PURE ETCR
• Elantra N released
• High-performance prototype RM20e unveiled
• Veloster N ETCR wins in PURE ETCR France